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A little project: click the image below to see pictures of a place I have visited, selected randomly.

See some images I produced of a Mandelbrot Set and a few zoom-ins I ran on it:

The Mandelbrot Set is a fractal, which means that you can never really see the whole picture. No matter how much you zoom into it, more and more gets revealed. Its striking beauty and complexity is generated by an incredibly simple rule: it is the set of all points in the complex plane for which, if you repeatedly square them and add them to themselves an infinite number of times, you will never get infinity (or a number larger than 2, as it works out). So here it is:

Zoomed in on the whisker-like protrusion farthest to the left of the original image, finding this:

Just to the left of the center of the first zoom appears a miniature version of the original image, leaning to the left. I zoomed in on that:

Zoomed in on the spike at the "head" of the new image, getting this image: